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Getting the best gaming rig

Before we get too deep into gaming and eSports I wanted to cover the topic of gaming PCs. Many of you will have a good rig setup but there are a few things I am forever seeing gamers overlook when buying their graphics cards or any other part of the rig for that matter.

Best Gaming Monitor

They are important! Granted you can easily play on a normal monitor and get along fine, but when your spending months of savings on a PC you should get the most of it with a good dedicated gaming monitor¬†instead of using an old one or even a budget monitor. The best gaming monitors have high specs and features that will compliment your graphic card when it start getting into a bit of bother, for example some monitors will limit tearing of the screen when refresh rates don’t quite match up.

Reliable Gaming Mouse

Its surprises me how many times I turn up to a eSports event and see self proclaimed “hardcore” gamers with a mouse straight from the accountants office – I have actually seen one not too long ago with an old ball mouse…

Having a mouse that you can customise quickly and on the fly while gaming is very important – we all know there are moments when you need a bit more control over the mouse so why not have a mouse that will actually offer you that out of the box instead of setting up countless pieces of software to help you.

I personally use the corsair mouse, which I would honestly say is the best gaming mouse I have ever used.

Just think about it, everything you use when gaming right down to your desk and chair can be upgraded to help you game in comfort. Why spend thousands of dollars on a gaming PC and then spend less than $100 on a monitor or chair! To me it is crazy.